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California Homeowners Poised to Refinance

June 9th, 2014 2:01 PM by Ryan Grant

More good news for California Home Owners... 3 of the 10 fastest improving markets are in California- Riverside, Stockton and Sacramento.  These cities have year over year improved property values which means more refinance opportunities for homeowners throughout California.  Now is the time to pull cash out for home improvements, consolidate debt, or remove mortgage insurance. Higher property values plus still historically low interest rates equal a great refinance opportunity!  If you bought your home more than one year ago and your interest rate is more than 4.75% than refinancing is the smartest financial move you can make today.  Your payment will go down and you will save money each month.  Call for a free loan consultation today- 619-542-7744.

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Posted by Ryan Grant on June 9th, 2014 2:01 PM

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